Geoffrey Owens speaks on "GMA" about the swell of support he's received with the hashtag #ActorsWithDayJobs after he was photographed working at Trader Joe's. (Video: Good Morning America)(Video: Good Morning America)
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NNPA EXCLUSIVE: Cosby Spokesman Salutes Geoffrey Owens; Slams Hollywood

“You take ‘The Cosby Show’ off the air, yet you leave ‘7th Heaven’ on the air and all of Harvey Weinstein’s movies are still playing whether it’s on Netflix or Hulu you can find them everywhere because you don’t want to hurt these Hollywood starlets and take away their money and residue pay, yet you take ‘The Cosby Show’ off the air…” […read more]


NBC Snubs Cosby During TV Special

By Stacy M. Brown (NNPA Newswire Contributor) He’s back. At least on social media. Perhaps buoyed by several recent – and scarcely reported court victories and even a measure of improving health – legendary comedian Bill Cosby has returned to Twitter to celebrate Black History Read More