A Plea to Save the Family Phone

By Bill Fletcher, Jr. NNPA Columnist This really struck me in the immediate aftermath of the South Carolina flood. I have two friends—a couple—who live in Charleston. I called them to check on their situation and quickly realized that they almost never answer their home Read More


Technology in Education: Research

by Johnny Taylor, MIT, MBA Special to the NNPA from the Houston Forward Times Over the last group of weeks we have been covering Technology in Education which included insights into Education Technology Infrastructure, Research and E-Learning. This week we will conclude the series with Read More


Megacommunities Bridge Minority STEM Gap

  By Freddie Allen NNPA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON (NNPA) – In an effort to address persistent, racial disparities in science and engineering careers, educators and community stakeholders have embraced the “megacommunity” model of cooperation. The megacommunity model is characterized by its tri-sector approach to solving Read More


Nielsen: Celebrating 90 Years of Innovation

By Cheryl Pearson-McNeil NNPA Columnist Isn’t it fascinating how a person can have a single idea or dream planted, take root and change the world as we know it?  Well, that’s exactly how Nielsen came to be. This week, Nielsen will celebrate its 90th anniversary. So, Read More


Vintage Apple-1 computer sells for $388K

[COMPUTERWORLD] Computerworld – A working Apple-1 computer fetched $387,750 on Tuesday at auction, well off the record price of $671,400 paid in May for another of the rare personal computers. The Christie’s auction house hosted the online-only bidding, which opened June 24 and closed Tuesday. The Read More


Google relaunches voice calling service on Gmail

[TECHSPOT] The convenience of modern smartphones and the emergence of video calling services have all but made traditional phone lines an outdated technology. Although it has failed to garner the same media coverage as services like Skype, Google has offered its own internet-based telephone service in the Read More


T-Mobile Announces ‘Jump’ Upgrade Plan

[PCMAG.COM] T-Mobile today announced a new upgrade plan called “Jump” where subscribers on installment plans will be able to, after six months, trade in their phones for new devices twice a year. “Two years is too long to wait. That’s 730 days of watching new Read More


Instagram Introduces Photo and Video Embeds

[MASHABLE] Instagram added the ability to embed photos and videos on Wednesday. Users can find the embed button — available only on desktop — on the right side of public photos or videos. The button provides a code users can insert into blogs and articles. Instagram, which added video Read More


Q&A: Using Skype or FaceTime

[THE NEW YORK TIMES] Q. Does Skype work on an iPad for video calls, and, if so, does it have any advantages over Apple’s FaceTime system? A. Skype, now owned by Microsoft, does have an app for the iPad. You can find instructions for getting started with it on Read More


Twitter’s ‘tailored ads’ know more about you

[CNET] Twitter will soon show its U.S. users ads based on the Web sites they’ve previously visited. Wednesday, the information network formally announced that it is experimenting with a new ad type it calls “tailored ads.” With the units, advertisers can upload browser cookie IDs Read More


Computer mouse inventor Doug Engelbart dies at 88

[BBC NEWS] The inventor of the computer mouse, Doug Engelbart, has died aged 88. Engelbart developed the tool in the 1960s as a wooden shell covering two metal wheels, patenting it long before the mouse’s widespread use. He also worked on early incarnations of email, Read More


Wal-Mart, AT&T, Best Buy Slashing iPhone 5 Price

[LOS ANGELES TIMES] If you’re looking for a new iPhone 5 on the cheap, now is the time to buy. A number of retailers have begun slashing their prices on the popular Apple smartphone, including Wal-Mart, which cut prices on the device by $60. The retailer now sells Read More


Sony’s Waterproof Tablet Makes a Splash

[BLOOMBERG] Once on the cutting edge of consumer electronics, Sony (6758) lost its mojo years ago. But every so often, it still comes up with something that reminds you of what it was, and maybe could be again. Meet the new Xperia Tablet Z, the sleekest Android tablet Read More


The car is the next major tech platform: GM’s CEO

[REUTERS] The car is the next great proving ground for communications technology, General Motors Co Chief Executive Dan Akerson said on Thursday. The automobile will become a major platform for tech “and one with far better battery life than an iPhone,” he said in prepared Read More


Voice-activated car technology very distracting, study finds

[CBC NEWS] Voice-activated technology in cars is more distracting to drivers than talking on a cellphone, according to a new U.S. study. Researchers at the University of Utah tested hands-free services, including email dictation and texting while driving. They concluded that it required more concentration Read More


Android is set to topple iOS as most popular app platform

[THE INQUIRER] INTERNET SEARCH GIANT Google’s Play store for Android apps will topple Apple’s App Store as the most popular app platform within the next few months, according to an analyst. Apple recently announced that its 50 billionth iOS app had been downloaded, a pretty impressive milestone. However, Google Read More


Microsoft says Windows 8 sales ‘good’ but will update amid criticisms

[LOS ANGELES TIMES] n the face of mounting criticisms and sluggish PC sales, Microsoft continues to insist that its gamble on the radically redesigned Windows 8 operating system is paying off, if slowly. Tami Reller, the Windows division’s chief marketing officer and chief financial officer, said Read More


Liberal groups boycotting Facebook over immigration push

[THE WASHINGTON POST] Several prominent liberal organizations are launching a boycott of Facebook, an escalation in the simmering feud over founder Mark Zuckerberg’s immigration reform push. Progressives are upset with the ads Zuckerberg’s group FWD.us has funded in support of vulnerable senators who back immigration reform. Instead Read More


Google Glass is already creating paranoia

[SF GATE] Few people have worn or even seen Google Glass, but early reviews have made businesses and government officials wary. Already, Google Glass has already been banned by a Seattle dive bar and in some Las Vegas casinos. West Virginia legislators are trying to make it Read More


Obama outlines human brain-mapping initiative

[THE WASHINGTON POST] President Obama on Tuesday outlined a government-sponsored initiative to map the human brain, casting the proposal as a way to discover new cures for neurological disease and strengthen the economy. “Ideas are what power our economy,” Obama said as he announced the proposal Read More


The Cell Phone Turns 40. What’s Next?

[BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK] April 3, 2013, marks the 40th anniversary of the first call made from a handheld cell phone. But mobile communication had been around for a while. During World War II, soldiers used two-way radio transceivers (walkie-talkies) to communicate from the front line. Check Read More


Amazon Is the Cloud to Beat, but Google Has the Cloud to Watch. Here’s Why

[BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK] Amazon Web Services (AMZN) is by far the biggest and most experienced public cloud provider. Accepting that, the next question is: What cloud vendor can give AWS a run for its money? Increasingly the money is on Google (GOOG)—at least in computing capacity where Google Compute Engine is Read More


Blackberry isn’t finished with tablets

[TG DAILY] Tentatively dubbed the B10, the roadmap offers no additional details about the potential iPad competitor, but it appears similar, at least in dimensions, to Google’s Nexus 10 and Apple’s full-sized Apple iPads. As AppleInsider’s Kevin Bostic notes, if the device were to actually materialize, it would represent BlackBerry’s Read More


US Trademark Office says the “mini” in iPad mini is “merely descriptive”

[ARS TECHNICA] Apple’s application for the “iPad mini” trademark must be more descriptive if the US Patent and Trademark Office is going to approve it. A document from the USPTO surfaced online over the weekend, indicating that the office was unlikely to give Apple the trademark based Read More


Microsoft, Google swap April Fools’ barbs

[CNET] Microsoft and Google have both gotten in some April Fools’ Day zingers against each other. The two competitors often trade insults about each other’s respective search engines, online office suites, and other products. But April Fools’ Day inspired them to create a couple of Read More


How Rackspace is taking on Amazon now

[CNN MONEY] When it comes to cloud computing services, Amazon (AMZN) is the clear leader. But San Antonio-based Rackspace Hosting (RAX) has been gaining traction with OpenStack, the open-source cloud computing platform it helped develop. Earlier this month IBM (IBM) announced that all of its Read More


Women are Wired Differently

By Cheryl Pearson-McNeil NNPA Columnist   As I write, Chaka Khan’s empowering “I’m Every Woman” loops in my head – like a soundtrack. (By the way, have you seen her lately? All slim, trim and more fabulous than ever).  It’s Women’s History Month and the lyrics to Read More


Mobile Device Management: BYOD gets religion

[ZDNET] Around 1.2 billion Catholics will wait on pins and needles as the Cardinals enter the Sistine Chapel in Rome’s Holy See during conclave in order to elect the new Supreme Pontiff, for as much as two weeks or maybe even a month, according to Read More


We’re More Connected Everyday

By Cheryl Pearson-McNeil NNPA Columnist I love this time of the year.  Oh, yes – the holidays, too – but, I am referring to the release of the newest Nielsen Cross-Platform Report. The latest edition is called A New Connected Community, analyzing the constant shifting in how and Read More

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The Unmasking of Internet Trolls

[The Daily Mail] Cowardly internet ‘trolls’ who post vile abuse on Facebook and Twitter will be identified to their victims under laws unveiled today. Justice Secretary Ken Clarke wants to strip away the cloak of anonymity which shields website users who peddle lies and vicious smears. Internet Read More