Apple Sells 13 Million iPhones Over Weekend

(USA Today) – Apple says it sold more than 13 million iPhone 6S and 6S Plus smartphones during their first weekend of availability, setting a company record. The sales top last year’s record weekend, during which Apple sold more than 10 million iPhone 6 and Read More


Google’s Ingenious Plan to Make Apps Obsolete

(Wired) – Google showed off any number of potentially revolutionary technologies at its I/O developer conference keynote Thursday. There was Jump, a platform for generating 3D virtual reality content, and Brillo, Google’s latest entrant into the smart-home horse race. But the company’s most important announcement was the evolution of Read More


Yes, 10-Core Smartphones Will be a Thing in 2016

  (Engadget) – When MediaTek first launched an octa-core mobile processor back in late 2013, many folks — including Qualcomm — called it a gimmick, but said feature has since become quite popular amongst device manufacturers, to the point where Qualcomm eventually had to come up with its very own octa-core offerings. Read More


iOS 8.4 Beta Revamps Music App

  (PCMag) – Though iOS 8.3 just arrived, Apple has already launched the beta version of iOS 8.4, which according to 9to5Mac, includes a revamped Music app. The redesign “makes exploring your music collection easier and more fun,” the app description says, by allowing you to Read More


Texting Turns 22

Nic Denholm, TECH CRUNCH (—Half a lifetime ago, 22-year-old Neil Papworth sent the first ever short message service (SMS). His fifteen-character missive – ‘merry christmas’ – was sent to colleague Richard Jarvis on December 3, 1992. This act was considered important enough to mark the Read More


Carriers Reject Kill Switch for Stolen Smartphones

TERRY COLLINS Associated Press Samsung Electronics, the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, has proposed installing a built-in anti-theft measure known as a “kill switch” that would render stolen or lost phones inoperable, but San Francisco’s top prosecutor says the nation’s biggest carriers have rejected the Read More


Docs to Parents: Limit Kids’ Texts, Tweets, Online

by LINDSEY TANNER, AP Medical Writer CHICAGO (AP) — Doctors 2 parents: Limit kids‘ tweeting, texting & keep smartphones, laptops out of bedrooms. #goodluckwiththat. The recommendations are bound to prompt eye-rolling and LOLs from many teens but an influential pediatricians group says parents need to know Read More


Smartphone Battery Sensors May Soon Help Predict Local Weather

LONDON, Aug. 13 (UPI) — The built-in temperature sensors of smartphone batteries could provide crowdsourced data to help predict the weather, a team led by a British researcher says. While the tiny built-in thermometers’ main job is to prevent smartphones from dangerously overheating, the battery temperatures Read More


Mobile Device Management: BYOD gets religion

[ZDNET] Around 1.2 billion Catholics will wait on pins and needles as the Cardinals enter the Sistine Chapel in Rome’s Holy See during conclave in order to elect the new Supreme Pontiff, for as much as two weeks or maybe even a month, according to Read More