School Discipline Is Racially Biased. That’s Why Seattle Is Banning Some Suspensions.

(Slate) – Washington state’s education system has made national news several times in the past few months, mostly for not-awesome reasons: First, a court ordered the Legislature to pay $100,000 a day into a special education fund for failing to fund K–12 adequately; second, and Read More


New Guidelines Address School Discipline Disparities

By Jazelle Hunt NNPA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON (NNPA) – In the 2011-2012 school year, Black students without disabilities were more than three times as likely to be expelled or suspended as their White counterparts, according to data from the Department of Education’s Civil Rights Data Read More


Gov’t: Most School Discipline Need Not Mean Court

KIMBERLY HEFLING, AP Education Writer WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration on Wednesday pressed the nation’s schools to abandon what it described as overly zealous discipline policies that send students to court instead of the principal’s office. Even before the announcement, school districts around the Read More