When Fashion Clashes with Religious Customs

By Lekan Oguntoyinbo NNPA Columnist   I believe customs generally fall into three categories: inexcusable, curious if a little questionable, and fascinating. Some customs – the rigid caste system in India, the practice by in-laws in many parts of Africa of putting newly-widowed women and Read More


A Century-Long Debate: Are ‘Intelligent’ People Less Likely to Hold Religious Beliefs?

[TheVerge.com]   Over most of the past century, researchers have been trying to determine whether there’s any link between religion and intelligence. The studies haven’t all come to the same conclusion, but a group of researchers led from the University of Rochester decided to look at Read More


The Truth About Religion

[The Huffington Post] The news media continue to stretch the boundaries of religion far beyond the usual parameters in the American popular imagination. Is belief in climate change a religion, as Rep. Steve King asserts? Did Steve Jobs create a new iReligion with all his Read More