Malawi’s struggling economy means more albinos are being killed for their body parts

[QZ.COM] The mythology surrounding albinos in parts of Africa is strong. In Malawi, it’s believed that their bones contain gold. In Tanzania, businesses and politicians turn to witch doctors who say the body parts of albinos bring wealth or good luck. Men believe that sleeping Read More


Malawi Inaugurates New President

RAPHAEL TENTHANI, Associated Press   BLANTYRE, Malawi (AP) — The new president of Malawi was inaugurated Monday after an election that was disputed by his predecessor. President Peter Mutharika said he wanted to reconcile with former leader Joyce Banda, who did not attend the inauguration at a sports stadium Read More


Police: Malawi’s Ex-Minister Arrested in Shooting

by RAPHAEL TENTHANI, Associated Press BLANTYRE, Malawi (AP) — Police in Malawi arrested a former justice minister on suspicion of involvement in the Sept. 13 shooting of the country’s budget director, a corruption fighter who was seriously injured, police said Friday. The detention of Ralph Read More