COMMENTARY: Separate can be equal: OurStory Matters, Black Dollars Matter

SAN FRANCISCO BAY VIEW — Being forced to go in an unfavorable direction because all other paths are blocked is the worst feeling. Sadly, this has become the lifestyle for Blacks in America. […read more]


Tracing African-American Family Trees

Danica Smithwick, THE JACKSON SUN     (The Jackson Sun) — To commemorate the 150th anniversary of “Juneteenth,” African-American Freedom Day, the Freedmen’s Bureau will launch a campaign urging volunteers to join in their efforts to index millions of family records into an online database Read More


BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Juneteenth is Worth Celebrating

By William Reed NNPA Columnist Did you know that the official African-American holidays are: Kwanzaa, Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Juneteenth? What do you, and your family, do to celebrate Juneteenth? Also known as Freedom Day or Emancipation Day, the Juneteenth holiday is an abbreviated Read More