Indis Sandu, 21, is the tech genius behind Uber, Instagram and Snapchat.Photo: Facebook

Idris Sandu: Young Tech Genius Behind Uber & Instagram

THE BURTON WIRE — Idris Sandu, 21, may one day be a household name with his growing roster of applications making use of his mobile software technology […read more]


iPhone 5S Sales Outpacing iPhone 5C by More Than Double

[Mashable] The iPhone 5S is outselling the lower-cost iPhone 5C by more than two to one. According to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners data — as first reported by AllThingsD — the 5S made up 64% of iPhone sales since the latest-generation devices launched in September. The 5C accounted for 27%, while Read More


Android vs iPhone for Kids: How to Choose

[USA Today] Thinking about buying your child a smartphone? With the arrival of the lower-cost iPhone 5C ($79 at Walmart with a contract), it may seem the logical choice. The iPhone has a simple interface, parental controls, all sorts of apps and, now, cool bright colors. But is Read More


New iPhone, 4G technology May Mean Apple, China Mobile Tie-up Closer

(Reuters) – The stars may finally be aligning for a long-awaited deal between Apple Inc and ChinaMobile Ltd, the world’s biggest mobile carrier, that could help the iPhone maker claw back lost ground in its most important growth market. Apple is expected to unveil its redesigned iPhone next month Read More


iPhone 6 and Samsung: Not Much in Common

[CNet] What do the iPhone 6 and Samsung have in common? Not much, according to a report. Samsung will not be making processors for Apple’s iPhone 6, so says the Korea Economic Daily in a report dated Wednesday. To counter the “damage caused” by “Apple shunning Samsung” Read More


Smartphones: The New Necessity

By Cheryl Pearson-McNeil NNPA Columnist Does anyone remember what life was like before cell phones?  Almost makes you wonder how in the world we were able to drive to unfamiliar places without our trusty GPS app, play those addictive games, take so many glamorous “selfies” Read More

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Why Apple is Worth Less Than Netflix

[MarketWatch] On Wednesday, both Apple AAPL +0.14%  and NetflixNFLX -0.55%  reported earnings after the close. Apple earned $13.81 per share for the quarter; Netflix earned $0.13 for the quarter. Apple stock promptly fell over $50; Netflix stock went up about $40. The differential between the performance of two stocks after Read More