The Black Agenda Cincinnati and other Black leaders held a community meeting on Saturday, Nov. 17, at the House of Joy in College Hill. Speakers seated on stage were, from left, Daronce Daniels, Lincoln Heights Council member; Sedrick Denson, elected State Rep. of District 33; Bishop Bobby Hilton; City Councilman Wendell Young; Dwight Tillery, co-convenor of The Black Agenda Cincinnati; Keizayla Fambro, vice president of Ohio Young Black Democrats; Kelli Prather, community activist; Aaron Brown, president of Ohio Young Black Democrats; Patricia Milton, president of Avondale Community Council; Rev. Mark Bomar, president of the Baptist Ministers Conference; and Renee Mahaffey Harris, the president and CEO of The Center for Closing the Health GapPhoto provided
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Cincinnati Black leaders make call to fight for end of institutional racism

CINCINNATI HERALD — Saturday, Black leaders put out a call to rally the community to address this issue of racism head on in the city of Cincinnati. […read more]

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COMMENTARY: The deafening drumbeat of the unfree

CALIFORNIA VOICE — Dehumanized by the labels “prisoner,” “inmate” and “convict,” even reduced to serial numbers like Victor Hugo’s Jean Valjean in “Les Misérables,” these men and women are, just like you and me, or any mortal – irrespective of flaws, frailties, even felonious acts and misdemeanors – endowed with the right to be treated with dignity, decency and respect. […read more]