Judge Extends Order Limiting Missouri Police Use of Tear Gas

JIM SALTER, Associated Press ST. LOUIS (AP) — A federal judge on Tuesday extended for 45 days a temporary restraining order requiring Missouri law enforcement officers to give protesters a reasonable chance to disperse before using tear gas. U.S. District Judge Carol Jackson extended the Read More


Blacks are Seen as Savages

By Bill Fletcher, Jr. NNPA Columnist   An African American friend of mine keeps asking, in utter amazement, how it is not obvious that there was something wrong when Officer Wilson fired 13 shots at an unarmed Michael Brown.  As she has said:  “Brown was Read More


Yes, Marching Still Makes a Difference

By Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr. NNPA Columnist   “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”  “No Justice, No Peace”  “I Can’t Breathe” “Black Lives Matter” Those are the chants and hand-written signs that continue to characterize marches, die-ins, sit-ins and other non-violent actions in more than 50 cities Read More

No Picture

Marching to the Ballot Box

By Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr. NNPA Columnist It is inaccurate for newscasters to say, “In the aftermath of the recent racial turmoil in Ferguson, Mo., calm and peace has now been restored.” Peace is not the absence of violence, war, inhumanity or oppression. Peace is Read More


CBC: The Clueless Black Caucus

By Raynard Jackson NNPA Columnist   On the very day that Michael Brown, the slain teenager from Ferguson, Mo., was buried, the Congressional Black Caucus made a major announcement. They sent a letter complaining to President Obama. Yep, you heard correctly. They took the bold Read More