Republican Congressman Will Hurd

African American Congressman From Border Opposes Trumps Wall – Plays Key Role In Searching For Solutions

THE TENNESSEE TRIBUNE — Drawing upon his years undercover and his work in the private sector, Mr. Hurd has a starkly different vision for the Southwestern border. […read more]


Drones for Moviemaking Win FAA Approval

JOAN LOWY, Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — The government granted six movie and television production companies permission to use drones for filming, an important step toward greater use of the technology by commercial operators, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx announced Thursday. Dozens of other industries are Read More

No Picture

Drones: Warfare of the Video Age

By Bill Fletcher, Jr. NNPA Columnist   Drone warfare is truly the warfare of the videogame age.  The ‘pilot’ sits behind a panel, miles away from a flying machine that contains no human being.  Through cameras and various forms of sensing equipment they direct the Read More