At the age of 33, Mayor Richard Thomas became the historic city’s youngest mayor and brought a lot of fresh ideas and quite a different perspective.

Mount Vernon’s Youngest Mayor Fighting City’s Oldest Problems

NNPA NEWSWIRE — “It’s been a battle ever since I’ve been in office. I’m a native son, born and raised and I wanted to come back to my city and give back. But this is how the old guard tried to jeopardize the future, they tried to kill it. We have to fix what’s broken and keep moving.” […read more]


Global Survey: Majority Feel Corruption Has Worsened, Think Governments Can’t Fix It

[CBS News] A graphic from the global survey from Transparency International/TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL The protests that have raged globally in the past few months, from Turkey to Brazil, to the ongoing turmoil in Egypt, have appeared to share a common root: a widespread feeling of government Read More

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Beyond the Rhetoric: Corruption on ‘Steroids’

By Harry C. Alford NNPA Columnist   Most people think of corruption belonging exclusively to the Third World. Actually, corruption is everywhere. Sometimes it is rampant and sometimes it is subtle and, by definition, very hard to detect.  Let me tell you about corruption that Read More