NAACP Youth Seek ‘Black Lives Matter’ Activism For Nation’s Oldest Civil Rights Organization

Aaron Morrison, THE INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES   PHILADELPHIA (The International Business Times) — After a white supremacist gunned down nine worshippers at the historic Mother Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, in June, the NAACP praised victims’ families for offering the white gunman forgiveness and […read more]


All Black Lives Matter

Michael Eric Dyson, THE NEW REPUBLIC   (The New Republic) — There has been a great deal of commentary about my article on Cornel West published in The New Republic’s May issue. I’d like to take a few lines to address the most salient responses, though hardly […read more]


A Question of 21 Times

By Bill Fletcher, Jr. NNPA Columnist   I find it very unsettling to hear police officers discuss how they believe that BlackLivesMatter protesters and certain politicians, e.g., NYC Mayor de Blasio, are either unsympathetic to their plight or, worse, provoking violence. Ever since the murder […read more]


Disregarding Black Life

By Julianne Malveaux NNPA Columnist   Patrick Lynch, do you remember Oscar Grant? And if you do, Mr. “leader” of the New York Police Department Union, why do you pretend not to understand the reaction that many African American people have to the police killing […read more]