On Jan. 10, Lavette Lightford and Lori Mac, members of the National Treasury Employees Union, joined the AFL-CIO rally against the government shutdown and marched to the White House (Photo by: Barrington Salmon | Trice Edney News Wire)

Shutdown drags on

FLORIDA COURIER — Residual effects are being felt among people far removed from the federal government. […read more]

Polls proved to be wildly inaccurate and the numbers completely misread how well Gillum, Tallahassee’s mayor, would eventually fare in the primary. He won.

A Black man who could become Florida’s next governor

NNPA NEWSPAPER — “Nationally, a confluence of factors, including a surge of political grassroots activism, resistance to the odious policies emanating from the White House and record numbers of women – particularly Black women and women of color – has resulted in these groups and individuals not just mobilizing and organizing but also running for office. This groundswell has changed the face of the election landscape.” […read more]