Slave quarters at the McLeod Plantation, which has been turned into a museum on the outskirts of Charleston, S.C./ Photo by Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission
Black History

The ‘Roots’ of Slavery and its Lasting Effects

NNPA NEWSWIRE — Still, those names come with a price because many agree that hate is as American as Apple Pie and baseball. And, victims of such hate not only include the once enslaved African American, but America is a country where it once was illegal for all women to vote. […read more]

Black History

The Top 5 Black Biographies

DEFENDER NEWS NETWORK — We hope our coverage improves your mind or at least expands your reading choices. Here are The Defender Network’s choices for the best Black biographies, recommendations for books that are classics you may already know or those that we think are well worth your time. Feel free to share, print out, add to your Amazon lists, or download a few to your Kindle.  […read more]