If You’re an African American With HIV, You May Need a Higher Selzentry Dose

(The Body) – A new study suggests that many African Americans may not be getting effective doses of the HIV drug Selzentry (also known as Celsentri or maraviroc). It turns out some people’s bodies naturally produce a protein that helps remove Selzentry from the bloodstream. In the Read More


The ‘Tampon’ That Could Prevent HIV

  (The Washington Post) – More than 80 percent of women diagnosed with HIV contract the virus through heterosexual sex. A condom provides the best protection against HIV — but men aren’t always willing to wear them. The female condom has been on the market since 1993. Unfortunately, it’s less familiar Read More


Jamaica University Sacks AIDS Doctor

(IOL News) – Religious activists, students and colleagues gathered outside Jamaica’s biggest university on Monday to protest the firing of an HIV expert who testified on behalf of church groups defending an anti-sodomy law. Dozens of protesters said the Jamaica campus of the University of Read More