I believe that Tennessee can go from “Good” to “Great.” I believe that Tennessee can lead the nation,” said Governor-elect Bill Lee in his victory speech Nov. 6.tntribune.com
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Governor – Elect Bill Lee Believes in Camelot, But Where is Sir Lancelot?

THE TENNESSEE TRIBUNE — Lee is a political conservative and a Christian fundamentalist. […read more]


Protect Our Care Bus Stops in Music City

TENNESSEE TRIBUNE — “Last April I walked into a doctor’s office with a nagging cough and I walked out with a stage-four cancer diagnosis,” said Laura Packard. Six months of chemotherapy and a month of radiation saved Packard’s life. “It cost about a million dollars to keep me alive and that’s money that most of us just don’t have,” she said… […read more]


The Politics of Federal Judges

By George E. Curry NNPA Columnist The two conflicting appeals court rulings last week on the legality of a key provision of the Affordable Care Act – one supporting it and the other rejecting the health law – underscore the nexus between politics and the Read More

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WWRDH: What Would Republicans Do on Healthcare?

By George E. Curry NNPA Columnist Many ardent conservatives are critical of the Affordable Care Act or what they derisively call “Obamacare.” But what are they proposing that proves that they care about uninsured Americans? The Tampa Bay Times’ “Pundit Fact” team discovered some interesting findings when they approached Read More