Hollywood Reflects on Race in Year of Black, Civil Rights Films

(Reuters) – Race in America has been a hot topic of debate this summer and Hollywood, as if on cue, has muscled its way into the conversation. This year is shaping up to be a big one in film for African American, black and civil Read More


Why Was Sam Lacy Left Out of ’42′?

Another Viewpoint by Tim Lacy Special to the NNPA from the Afro-American Newspaper I have been enjoying the rewards of retirement and no schedule to meet, but recent events have caused me to haul out the keyboard and dust off “Another Viewpoint,” my sports column Read More


Film Review: 42

by Dwight Brown NNPA Film Critic Jackie Robinson’s life is lesson in courage. It’s a sobering but inspiring reminder of the barbaric cruelty of racism and those who rallied against it. This revealing film tracks his ascension from the Negro Leagues to Major League Baseball.  Read More