Shooting in New Orleans Park Leaves at least 16 People Wounded

There were around 500 people in the park at the time of the shooting. (


A gunfight between two groups in a New Orleans park where hundreds of people were gathered for a block party and the filming of a music video has left 16 wounded, police said.

Shooting erupted at around 6.15pm on Sunday night in Bunny Friend park in the city’s upper ninth ward, police said, although no fatalities were reported.

New Orleans police department spokesman Tyler Gamble said it was not clear what had started the trouble and said it was “too soon to say” if gang violence was involved.

“We know, by speaking with some of the victims, that there were two groups of people shooting at each other,” Gamble said.

Witnesses told police that both groups involved in the gun battle fled the park on foot immediately after the shooting. No arrests were immediately reported.

Kawandra Hayney said she had been driving about two or three blocks from the playground with her daughter when people ran by shooting. Her 14-year-old daughter was hit once in the knee and five times in her backside. Hayney pulled her daughter out of the truck and hid under the vehicle, then in a nearby ditch.

“I saw the police coming, and I ran over to them,” she said, adding that she later counted seven bullet holes in her truck.

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