NYPD Statistics: 96 Percent of Shooting Victims Are Black or Hispanic

Courtesy of Vic NiCastro/New York Daily News
Courtesy of Vic NiCastro/New York Daily News

[New York Daily News]

Amidst the controversial stop-and-frisk policy in New York City, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly gave some statistics that he felt would justify the idea.

According to statistics released by the New York Police Department, the majority of crimes committed in the New York City area are in minority neighborhoods. Shootings, murders, and felonies are over 80% in each category. These crimes are typically committed by minorities towards other minorities.

Statistics show that 96% of shooting victims and 97% of the offenders are minorities. 89% of murder victims (86% of murder suspects) and 81% of felony victims (88% of felony suspects) are part of a minority group (either black of hispanic).



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