New Study Says Tylenol Numbs Emotions

New Study Says Tylenol Numbs Emotions

Johnson & Johnson says the warning will appear on the cap of new bottles of Extra Strength Tylenol sold in the U.S. starting in October and on most other Tylenol bottles in coming months. The warning will make it explicitly clear that the over-the-counter drug contains acetaminophen, a pain-relieving ingredient that's the nation's leading cause of sudden liver failure. (Paul Sakuma/AP)
Extra Strength Tylenol (Paul Sakuma/AP)


(Palm Beach Post) – A new study is stating that painkillers are doing a lot more than dulling physical pain, they’re numbing your emotions as well.

The study, that was published in Psychological Science, included Tylenol as well as other over-the-counter acetaminophen medications.

To come to this finding, researches gave 82 study participants a pill, half receiving acetaminophen and the other half receiving a placebo.

An hour later, the subjects were shown a range of emotional pictures.


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