Man stopped with Michael Brown on Aug. 9 Sues Ferguson, Police, Officer

Dorian Johnson


CLAYTON, Mo. (The St. Louis Post-Dispatch) — Dorian Johnson, who was walking with Michael Brown Jr. on Aug. 9 when the two were approached by Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson, has filed a lawsuit against the city, Wilson and former police chief Thomas Jackson.

The suit claims that Wilson assaulted Johnson, violated his constitutional rights, and intentionally and negligently inflicted emotional pain during the encounter, in which Wilson shot Brown to death.

The lawsuit seeks damages, including punitive, of at least $25,000. It also seeks an injunction to prevent the city of Ferguson and its police from engaging in assault, unlawful arrest and excessive use of force.

The city and Jackson were named because they “negligently hired and supervised police officers who violated citizens’ civil rights,” the suit said.




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