Google Releases End-to-End Encryption Tool for Chrome

Google Releases End-to-End Encryption Tool for Chrome


(Tech Times)—Around half of the world’s emails are unencrypted, which means spies can swoop down on these emails to find out what people are talking about, and Google vows to promote encryption by taking the wraps off a Chrome extension to enhance email privacy for users.

End-to-End is a browser add-on for Chrome that will encrypt and decrypt all information sent from and received on the Chrome browser. It is still in the alpha stage, and will not be available as a full-fledged extension on the Chrome Web Store just yet, because Google is taking its time to smooth out the wrinkles of the extension.

“The End-to-End team takes its responsibility to provide solid crypto very seriously, and we don’t want at-risk groups that may not be technically sophisticated – journalists, human-rights workers, et al – to rely on End-to-End until we feel it’s ready,” writes Google on End-to-End’s home page.