Google, DexCom to Make Glucose Monitoring Devices for Diabetes Patients


(NDTV) – Soon after the announcement of its new CEO Sundar Pichai and a holding company called Alphabet, the Google Life Sciences team has teamed up with a healthcare firm DexCom to build blood glucose monitoring devices for diabetes patients that are smaller and less expensive than current technologies.

Both Dexcom and Life Sciences team, which is now a separate company under Alphabet, would jointly develop smaller and affordable CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) products. “This partnership has the potential to change the face of diabetes technology forever,” said Kevin Sayer, President and Chief Executive Officer of DexCom. “Working together, we believe we can introduce products that will move us beyond our core Type 1 business to become the standard of care for all people living with diabetes.”

“This collaboration is another step towards expanding monitoring options and making it easier for people with diabetes to pro-actively manage their health,” added Andrew Conrad, head of the life sciences team at Google.


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