Find Out How Much You Really Pay for Entertainment

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(Wall Street Journal) – It started with Netflix. Only eight bucks a month—you’ll hardly notice it. Upgrade to Spotify Premium? Another $10 a month—less than a meal at Chipotle.

But those media mini-subscriptions are suddenly starting to pile up.

Companies are eager to get your credit card number in their system for the Holy Grail of predictable revenue: the recurring charge. Soon, our bank statements may show an unreasonable number of very reasonable services. We’re not talking about utilities like cable and wireless, but a la carte subscriptions that bring you videos, music and software.

“We are moving beyond one-size-fits-all media,” says Dan Cryan, senior director of media and content at IHS, an industry analyst firm. “Your costs may not go down in the long run, but you should end up with far more choice.”


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