Does Don Lemon Offend You? For CNN, That Might Not Be a Problem

Don Lemon holding up a sign of the N-word on CNN
Don Lemon holding up a sign of the N-word on CNN
Don Lemon holding up a sign of the N-word on CNN

(The Washington Post) – Once again, Twitter is howling about Don Lemon. And that’s a bad thing?

The CNN anchor whipped social media into a frenzy — another frenzy — Monday night with a stunning stunt on his program. Attempting to twin President Obama’s use of the N-word during a podcast interview with the highly charged debate over the Confederate flag, Lemon held up the banner and a placard with the racial word spelled out in block letters. “Does this offend you?” Lemon asked.

Social media answered swiftly: Don Lemon offends them. The anti-Lemon comments were copious and occasionally amusing, particularly a meme in which the word on the placard was replaced by a series of Photoshopped quips.

Lemon, 49, has been lighting up the boards this way for the past two years, although not always because he has made people mad. Lemon has inspired as much mockery as outrage for his head-scratching questions and comments. He asked one of Bill Cosby’s alleged rape victims last year why she didn’t use her teeth to stop Cosby. In a discussion about corporal punishment, he compared spanking children to training dogs.


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