Dairy Queen Nixes Sugary Drinks on Kids’ Menu

(Capsun Poe/Flickr/CC By ND 2.0)
(Capsun Poe/Flickr/CC By ND 2.0)
(Capsun Poe/Flickr/CC By ND 2.0)

Ben Rooney, CNN MONEY


(CNN Money) — Finish that soda, junior.

Dairy Queen is removing sugary drinks from its children’s menu, bowing to a request from health advocates.

The ice-cream and fast-food chain will remove soft drinks, including the neon colored Arctic Rush frozen beverage, from its kids’ menu and replace them with healthier options such as bottled water and milk.
The move was announced by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, which said McDonald’s (MCD), Burger King and Wendy’s have all made similar moves.

“Dairy Queen deserves credit for being responsive to the concerns of parents, who increasingly want to be able to order off the kids’ menu without having to say ‘no’ to soda,” said CSPI nutrition policy director Margo Wootan.





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