Afrostream: The African Netflix

Tonje Bakang
Tonje Bakang
Tonje Bakang

(Ebony) – Tonjé Bakang, 33, was beautifully poisoned by Black American culture at an early age.  As a teenager growing up in France during the late 1990s, he was exposed to VHS and DVD copies of The Cosby Show and Roots brought home from the US and Canada by visiting relatives. These shows had a lasting effect on his developing psychology and worldview.

The result is a career steeped in the continued sharing of the pan-African experience. Tonjé Bakang went on to become a photographer of album covers for French artists Fawkoju, Ankhre and La Nocturne; creator of France’s first urban comedy series, Comic Street Show; a producer of television and theatre; and creator of Afrostream, a company poised to change the landscape of pay per view in France and Francophone Africa.

Bakang is currently in negotiations to set up shop in Silicon Valley. As the rising CEO of Afrostream, he discusses overcoming obstacles, creating a tech startup valued at over $6 million, and the future of content.


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