Reel-ality TV Talk

By Marquesa LaDawn NNPA Columnist   Real Housewives of Atlanta: Strokes, Folks, Social Media… Kim Zolciak had a mini-stroke…Wow, for a lady that gave birth to four children, including twins, in the last few years, dancing should be much easier. Not so much for Kim […read more]


Think Big, Act Big

By Willie Jolley NNPA Columnist   Jeffrey Hayzlett is a marketing powerhouse who has built a massive business from the ground up. He started as a small town cowboy who loved to talk to small businesses about marketing. He soon became a popular speaker in […read more]

No Picture

Ask Alma

By Alma Gill NNPA Columnist   Ex-Wife Taking Up Too Much Time Dear Alma, My husband was married very young, from the age of 20-22. The marriage was a disaster and they divorced without having a conversation or even seeing each other in court. He […read more]